Should I ask for a reference or should I not?

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I am currently in a position where I want to get a leg up where I do not want to burn any bridges. I started my internship about a month ago at a local not for profit org after volunteering a couple days a week this summer. It's going well and they seem to like me. However, last week, I received word that there is a local government IT support job in another area; in which that means I would be moving. I asked my advisor who is teaching my internship course if I could make it work and he said he would work something out for me and encouraged me to apply. However, I have a problem with references. I need 3 and I'm pretty sure I can get 3. Right now, I have my work study supervisors and my old boss at a customer service call centers; I'm going to ask my work study supervisor boss to be one tomorrow, whom I believe is a safe bet (she was sick today). With that being said, I think the IT director and the system admin at my internship would carry more weight but I am scared of burning a bridge. Should I go for it or play it safe until the holidays before asking? Any thoughts?


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    You will not be burning a bridge. You are moving on to a new position and more than welcome to ask them if they can be a reference. They will understand.
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    Go for it! You are not burning any bridges. You are not walking off or quitting on the spot. That would be burning a bridge.

    What your are doing is looking to better yourself, and if anything, that makes you look good in their eyes. Remember, they were in your position at one point in there lives, so don't worry.

    I am a manager, and I have been asked to give out a good word or two, and to be honest, I appreciate it when someone is willing to trust me with giving them a good referral.

    Good luck.
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