How many routers needed for CCENT

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I have 4 3640 routers that I received from a real cool friend. I was wondering how many do I need minimum for CCENT. I will be going through CBT nuggets and the Chris Bryant videos from I will probably use packet tracer for switching or online switching labs maybe. I'm currently working a L1 Telecom/Network Infrastructure tech. Just want to get an idea. Plan on doing a lot of labbing. Thanks guys.


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    I'd prioritize switches over routers for CCENT/CCNA. Routers are so easily emulated via GNS3, you'll find it's much faster to just build a topology in GNS3 even if you have physical routers.
  • beach5563beach5563 Member Posts: 344 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Oh ok thanks so much. I have Packet Tracer and I can get GNS3. ( I think I have access to the new web based GNS3.) Maybe used the routers for other stuff. I want to go CCNA Voice next.
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