anyone ever do this....

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So I setup an SMTP server in a lab at work and I wanted to check to see if the SMTP was working so I sent an email to our support email making it look like a spoof but funny.....

Well lets just say it made like half of my NOC freak out since I put peoples name is the email but I made it like santahascoalforyouall@naughtylist.com as the MAIL FROM field.

Needless to say I sent it and then called them like 3 minutes later to ask them if they got it, well they were all in panic mode because they thought they had a virus, lol! ... they all laughed but as soon as I sent it and they realized it was me they now blocked SMTP traffic on the firewall to block this kind of traffic. :P

it made me chuckle a bit....


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    I received an email similar to that when I was a Help Desk tech at my local hospital. Unfortunately, my supervisor informed the clients supervisor and he got a very firm warning in regards to email policy.
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