PMP, what should I do?

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Hello everyone.

I have been engaged in IT for about 6 years and have been mostly in the management/info sec realm thus far. I am in a current position where I am doing a ton of project management to the point where I should be doing it as a primary duty. I am interested in possibly switching from my current goal of infosec to PM. I feel that my natural abilities compliment the PM field much more than in the infosec realm. So my question is this…

…I have managed IT projects throughout my career, I understand the the cert of choice is the PMP, but how far of a shot would it be to use that as a starting point to transition my career into the PMP realm. Like I said I have a lot of experience in PM, especially in IT, but I am new to the whole career as a PM.

Also, what is the career outlook in PM vs infosec?

Any advice would grealty be appreciated.
PS. I hold a BS, 2 AS’s and security+


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    I'm in a similar position, having spent 15+ years as a Systems Administrator and Network Engineer, but now being interested in moving over to the project managment side of things. I'm looking forward to the responses you get.
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