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Good Evening,

First New Job in 8 years in the IT field. Started as Helpdesk, went to Network Tech, and now a Junior Engineer (Basically CCNA with tiny leverage) at a new place. Just Wondering if anyone has any tips and tricks fro Network Infrastructure.

In NYC Gov, you are not just an engineer, but also and infrastructure guy, UPS's, enviornmentals, Security, Power, Air conditioning, etc. So im wondering how to approach a new place. Previous place was more of a transition from one cubicle to another with new tasks. This is fully brand new. So im a little nervous.

Of course i would start with a CDP walk of the network. Look at most current Diagrams. Backup all network devices and look at configs. Visit remote sites and closets and take pics of conditions of the Items (Patch panels, cabling, rooms, inventory etc). List goes on and on.

Looking to see what others routines would be. Any info is great info.


btw, NYC Gov is hiring.
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