want to get my BS, question on how i should move forward

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Hello, I had graduated in 07 in HS and took the work route which wasnt a wise choice althought it gave me valuable resources with the gov stuff and experience. I went to NoVA a while back and have about 25 credits. School isnt really my strong point (im sure most cant agree with that), and it has really hurt me to have failed so many classes and not finish my associates at least by now. I am at a point where i'm at a plateau and with the extremely competative job field going against all these people with a BS, its just hurting me and my future.

My question is should I just stick it out and suck it up and finish my A.S at nova with the 3 semesters left, or just try to transfer as much as I can to WGU and go straight for the B.S there. I plan to get my B.S there anyways if I were to finish my A.S at NoVa

thanks for the advice


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    How good are you at self-study? You are basically on your own at WGU...they give you the e-books and you are expected to teach yourself the material.

    You mentioned that you failed several classes. Why is that? What were the most difficult aspects of school for you?
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    If I can jump in here, i'd like some some advice as well.

    I didn't do well in high school and I have issues with general education stuff. Honestly i'd feel better starting with HS level stuff and working my way up, or taking some kind of prep classes in those subjects.

    I am currently taking classes online at AMU, in a certificate program and doing well, but if I want to ever do some things, I think a degree will be one less thing I have to worry about. I've been at WGU a few times, but I always wuss out when it comes time to do those GE classes.
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    If you have hit the point in your life that you want to do schooling as opposed to having to do school you might find it comes much easier. Out of high school a lot of people still look for the easiest grade and least amount of work. There should be no surprise when they sometimes fail classes.

    I don't see this same reaction with returning students that are going to school for themselves. Usually if you are committed you go home and finish projects early. Read assignments on time and write more then the teacher expected. Why wouldn't you give 100% when you have decided to do it for yourself.

    If it is convient I would finish your Associates and see if this is the place you are in. WGU offers many advantages but it does not make the tests easier. It will be up to you to do the work. In a traditional classroom I think there is a lot more flexibility in grading.

    Good Luck
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    fellow northern Virginian. inbox me i been in your shoes

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    We're all talented in different ways and some people just don't mix well with traditional education and the classroom setting. That being said, unless you're a big self motivated person and individualistic--I wouldn't start WGU. I would attempt to finish your AS or even roll it into an AAS in something IT related, if possible.

    When I graduated high school I also didn't want to jump right into a university. I wasn't ready for the commitment to something I didn't even know I could accomplish and traditional schooling bored me to death. I went and got my AAS and loved every second, with a 3.5 or higher GPA while working. Now that I've tested myself and realize that I CAN accomplish my goals I am looking into WGUs programs.

    Finishing what you started would probably be the most rewarding accomplishment for you.
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    unless tuition is high for the AS, I would finish it, but figure out where you want to go for you BS. Take the time to review that curriculum and line up the classes in your AS to make sure as many transfer as possible.

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    Thanks for the advice, it sounds like most the general thought is to finish my A.S at nova and then decide where to go next. Fortunately my employer pays for 100% tuition up to a few thousand a year as long as I pass with a C or above in the related IT field, so that is a plus, and NoVA isn't very expensive to start out with.

    The reasons I failed so many classes was because I just wasn't motivated and easily lost interest/got distracted. It felt like more of a chore than something that would benefit me in the future so I didn't put in much effort. I much prefer online as going to the classes and sitting there for 2 hours at least honestly sucks to me but I also have found out that online classes have much more work involved.

    I prefer self study to in class lectures and stuff, but on the downside, I get distracted easily and lose focus, which I know I need to fix.
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