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Hi Everyone,
First time poster here and just wanted to reach out to this great community for some advice.

I am currently working as a Software QA Analyst at a large corporation. It is my first job after graduating with a Management and Management Information Systems degree.

I have been at this company for a little over three years now and have had many good experiences. I have lead requirements meetings with clients, conducted factory acceptance tests, and of course do the daily software testing of tickets from developers.
However, I am starting to see some gaps in my experience. For example, there is no software testing applications that are provided here all of our scripts are done using excel. All of the testing is manual none is done with automation. Also, I don’t see myself being in QA for the rest of my career it honestly can get pretty boring and we are often used as the scapegoat or thought of at the very end (at least in my limited experience)

So recently, I have been thinking of switching my IT focus, but this is where I need some advice. I am considering going the Networking Sys admin route or the Business Analyst route.

I am mostly sure that I would enjoy the networking sys admin route more as that’s why I got into IT in the first place because I enjoy networking and helping people become efficient with their computers.

Also, though, I think I may enjoy the business analyst route as I enjoy exploring how a system can meet a clients need.

I was wondering if you could just give some descriptions of what these jobs are like day to day and if you would recommend one over the other and your overall job satisfaction? Also, what the salary level is in your experience. Any comments are welcome.

Thank you!


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    Welcome to TE. From what you described it seems as you would like the system admins role more, but with your current experience the business analyst would be easier to get.

    You run all your test scripts in excel? what type of software are you testing if you do not mind me asking.
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    Mostly Customer Relationship Management and IVR software.
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