Picking the right references

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I am going to finish applying for a job tomorrow and I need to decide on my 3 references. Right now I have 5 choices: my current supervisor at my work study gig who is an admin assistant, her boss who is the dean of the school of health sciences (I have known both for more than a year), the my boss at my internship the IT director (whom I have been working for since the beginning June), the systems admin at my internship whom I've only known a month and my old manager at my call center gig whom I have known for more than 3 years. Which 3 do I pick? My gut tells me any of them besides the systems admin.


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    tkerbertkerber Member Posts: 223
    None of those are bad choices...

    Since you're on tech exams and you mentioned internship I am going to go ahead and assume this is an IT position. That being said I would probably choose the last three as long as you're in good standing with each of them. Having people to vouch for you on more of a technical side may help.
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