Testout.com material & Pretest versus Get Certified Get Ahead - Your thoughts?

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, although I've been using the site for the last couple weeks as a resource for information, to help prepare for the SY0-301 Security+ exam. I've actually been studying for the last three months, two and a half months through the Testout site and the past two weeks through The "Get Certified Get Ahead" book and premium website. I discovered the "Get Certified Get Ahead" material through user posts in this forum (I think).

I found the Testout information to be very confusing half the time, yet the "Get Certified Get Ahead" material was very straight forward. I even aced nearly every practice test through the "Get Certified Get Ahead" book, after a try or two.

Yet today after all that studying, I took the Pre-Test through Testout and was again overwhelmed by the confusing questions. To the point that I only received a 73% on the 100 question Pre-test, which would be a dud on the actual test.

So, I'm confused, are the questions in the "Get Certified Get Ahead" book and website overly easy, or are they just more direct and is that close to how the actual exam is? Or are the questions on the Testout site though confusing and riddle-like, are those questions closer to the way the actual questions are on the test? Or is it a mix?

I could really use your input on this. Because right now if I judge based on my progress through the one source, I think I am very prepared, yet through the other source...nowhere near prepared.

Also I want re-iterate that I have been studying the material for the last two and a half months, I only recently began preparing with the practice tests.

Sorry about the long post.



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    I have about a week or so of study before I take the exam.

    I liked the Gibson book. He repeats important stuff in plain language, plus he knows the finer points of what CompTIA is looking for. Messer is a fantastic teacher, but Gibson focuses on the guidelines of the exam. I read the Gibson book in a week. It seems to be the bible for the 301 exam. You should read it before taking he exam.

    Those "we help you pass" website's are sh-t! I know because I tried them for the Net+ exam I took last month. I was so unprepared. I passed only because of "a bunch" of good guesses.

    Good luck,

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    I used the test out material for A+. The practice test was a bit more challenging than the certification exam. At the end of the day I was extremely satisfied with the material, and knowledge I gained using it. If it was not so expensive I would definitely use it again. I think you will be fine, but you need to look over the exam objectives and decide if you really know the material. Practice tests are good, but do not rely on them solely.
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    I used test out and Gibson's book before taking the Sec+. I found that test out's practice test was fairly close to what you would see on the real exam. Gibson's book was the best for studying because it stayed on topic and didn't stray too far from the exam objectives. Test out's video instructors would often stray too far off topic and talk about things that you don't need for the test.

    My advice is to read the Gibson book, then take the testout practice exam. Make note of the questions you miss, the test results will tell you which objectives the question covers. Go back to the book and read up on the objectives you did poorly on. Don't stress out too much about the exam. The pass rate is ridiculously high for people who actually put a little effort into studying.
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    I used Test Out and passed on the first try but it seemed to drag on longer than it should. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably do what I did with the Network+: watch Messer's videos, follow the objectives on CompTIAs website, and read the CompTIA study guide after each set of videos. It would have shaved about half the time and I don't think any learning would have been sacrificed.
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    I don't like the Test Out material for the Security+. I thought it was fantastic for the Net+ and A+ however. If I had to take the Sec+ again, I'd focus on Darrill's book and Professor Messer videos. It should be less studying overall and more targeted to the material.

    The Test Out Security+ included a ton of content not actually on the exam.
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    My opinion -
    Use GCGA premium site to test your knowledge then use Professor Messer to review what you got wrong. Rinse and repeat.
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    The questions in get certified get ahead are good so you know where you stand on your material. The questions on the test for CompTIA are bit more forumlated in the sense that they are written in paragraph form. I know Darril mentions in the beginning that it's not like that, but a lot of the questions are like that and some are very straight forward.
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    Have you taken the exam yet?
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