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    So Round 3 is scheduled for some day in the week of the 19th of March. What's different about my approach this time, in case you're wondering:

    1. Lot more documentation (production readiness testing, design decisions and business requirements matrix, as-built docos for the infrastructure and VMs, a metrics - thresholds - alerts - actions doc)
    2. Hybrid logical and physical design decisions approach
    3. In depth tech when discussing/justifying physical design
    4. Talk alternatives and their pros and cons (both presentation and scenario)
    5. Talk more about SLAs (both presentation and scenario)
    6. Own the room more

    I'll update this thread when I'm done defending for the last time. You can defend the same design no more than 3 times.

    Over and out till then.
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    There is always the Rawlinson approach :P

    Again as always, Good luck mate, You'll have this down 3rd time lucky! Then hopefully we can get breakfast and a beer after the defense :)
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