Is cisco ccna or ccna data center enough for IT career

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I really am looking for a new job in IT. Did my share of time on level 1 and tier 2 as call center help desk for Xbox Live and cable, satellite technical support units. Love the gaming industry lots, had a blast. Wouldn't mind a future there. I really have started studying Linux more but became confused and a bit brain stumped with it. Very good with Windows products desktop and server, active directory and really want to be more valued as a IT candidate. Cisco is a interest to me and the CCNA data center or CCNA routing and switching seem like a good start. To have a good career in a data center role or have a chance at network engineering, what are the best skills, books and software to get familiar with or be certified in?


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    My vote for this is you have the right idea. Cisco CCNA, and CCNA Data Center are a good start. Knowing some VMWare wouldn't hurt as well but I would look into that after getting a NOC job at a data center or a place you can get some experience on data center related equipment.
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    I think you should just pick something and dive in. When you're starting out, just go w/ whatever is more interesting to you. At least, that's what I'm doing.

    If you want to do Cisco, might be easier/better to start w/ CCNA then go to CCNA Data Center.
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