VPN site-to-site - LAN to WAN

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I can't figure this out..

Normally.. I'm at a new company.. learning a lot of firewalling with VPN. Fun icon_smile.gif

But we have this VPN L2L... Which uses the assigned IP on the outside interface as peer to the other sites WAN IP - all fine and dandy. But:
On my side the Remote Network is correctly the LAN on the other site we need to reach, but my sides Local Network is another public IP from our outside interface range. This also means there's no NAT exemption needed.

It's reverse on other site ofcourse - the Remote LAN being my second public IP.

It means I can reach their LAN - and they can't reach me. I think I get that.. But what I don't get is: what address am I using as source when pinging their site?

Im suer it's a silly question, just can't wrap my head around it atm icon_rolleyes.gif


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    Without specifying a source explicitly, I'd take an educated guess and say that you're using the interface IP address on the outside interface. You could always test that with the ping <remote network> source ​<IP address> command.
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