New to Database Administration. Looking for some guidance.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently an IT Professional. I have 3 years experience at my current job in an Enterprise IT environment doing technical support at the Tier 1 & 2 level. I am looking to change my focus towards something new. I am very organized, I have previous experience with programming (not much but enough to get by) and being more left brain I love logic and structure. A friend of mine suggested I look into Database Administration. I built a very basic MySQL database and some PHP code to go with it years ago for a friends website and thought I'd revisit this field.

My question to all of you is where to begin? I picked up SQL for dummies and so far it feels like a tough read. I'm sure I will pick it up once it gets into exercises and examples but it seems like the author is over complicating things right off the bat. I plan on taking a DBA course being offered by an IT University local to me but that won't start until next year. I want to get a head start and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good reading for beginners.

Also, If I wanted to pursue a career in Database Admin, would the Microsoft Certs for SQL be worth taking? What are employers looking for nowadays? I know nothing beats experience but if you are trying to get your foot in the door, what would shine on a resume?




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