When does CBT Nuggets normally release videos?

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In terms of the new 300-XXX CCNP exams. They released pretty recently, how long does CBT nuggets normally take to release videos for a new exam like this? I want to peruse my CCNP very badly, but I haven't passed an exam yet without them nuggs. If it is going to take a while I'll go ahead and knock out my CCDA or something easy while I wait.


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    You could always work on old exams and switch when you HAVE TO. I've noticed it can range from a few months so several months but I too am wanting those. They usually list what is being worked on and sometimes you can access during creation.
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    Also for previous CCNP, CCSP & even CCDA (as they were at the time), CBT Nuggets just release additional videos to cover the additional content if the syllabus has not changed that significantly. And in some cases where a video has been rerecorded, the backdrop slides are the same, and the voice-over content is not that different.

    There might be a 10-15% difference in examinable material...
    ROUTE at its core is still = EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, redistribution, etc
    SWITCH at its core is still = VLANS, STP, L3 switching, FHRP, etherchannel, etc

    INE & IPExpert just plan to record additional content to fill any significant gaps between old and new...So I wouldn't expect a whole new video series this time round from CBT Nuggets either...

    But all we can do is speculate here, if you want the real answer, email CBT Nuggets and ask the source and let us know...I've emailed all 3 in the past to check on future releases, and typical answer time is about 3 business days.
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    @CBTNuggets Yes! Jeremy Cioara is currently working on 300-101 ROUTE and @KeithBarkerCCIE will be making lab courses.
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    Keep an eye on this page for updates on upcoming CBT Nuggets releases (including DCUFT, which doesn't help me since I already passed :P )

    CBT Nuggets: Online IT Training Videos Upcoming
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    sucanushie wrote: »
    @CBTNuggets Yes! Jeremy Cioara is currently working on 300-101 ROUTE and @KeithBarkerCCIE will be making lab courses.
    Just received an email talking about the videos in progress. I didn't look if they can be viewed yet but lots of times they can be viewed during production.
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