My one worry about the test is the SIMS?

joe979joe979 Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
I passed the Network+ exam a month ago and had some difficulties with the SIMS.

1. They were hard, but I think I was able to get enough of the choices correct to help me pass.

2. There was one in particular where it seemed like the picture was frozen and I couldn't make a single change to the network set up. That really threw me off.

I hope this time to better, but still hope there are no wonky SIMS.


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    Rocket ImpossibleRocket Impossible Member Posts: 104
    When I took Sec+ a few months ago I had a sim that wouldn't respond. I just waited and suddenly it was fine after a few minutes. My approach to CompTIA exams has always been to be ready to ace the multiple choice and do my best on the sims. MeasureUp has some good sims in their Sec+ practice exam.
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