Kirk Byers' Python for Network Engineers Oct 2nd Discussion Thread

fredrikjjfredrikjj Member Posts: 879
This email course is running again, starting 2/10. Presumably, I'm not the only one from this forum who will be "attending" so I thought we could use a thread to discuss the material, help each other, hold hands, etc.


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    ktbyersktbyers Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I was going to post about this today anyways and I saw this message. Here are some more details on the free course...

    The course is an email a week for ten weeks. The emails consist of videos, exercises, and additional content/reference links.

    The course is largely a beginner Python course. It is oriented towards network engineers that have some programming background (Perl, shell scripting, etc). While the content really is about Python basics, I try to have most of the examples and exercises be related to network engineering. No pre-existing Python knowledge is required.

    The content of the course is as follows (subject to change):
    • Week1 - Why Python, the Python Interpreter Shell, Strings
    • Week2 - Numbers, Lists
    • Week3 - Conditionals and For Loops
    • Week4 - While loops, Dictionaries, and Exceptions
    • Week5 - Review and Exercises
    • Week6 - Functions
    • Week7 - Files and Regular Expressions
    • Week8 - Modules and Packages
    • Week9 - Classes and Objects
    • Week10 - Paramiko SSH, Telnet, and Pickle
    If you are interested, you can sign-up at https://pynet.twb-tech.com/email-signup.html (make sure you check the box for the free email course).

    Kirk Byers
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    wintermute000wintermute000 Banned Posts: 172
    For some reason I missed weeek 7's email and its not in my spam filter. Can someone shoot me a copy to bender@planetexpress.com.au? much appreciated.

    Incidentally, if anyone is thinking of signing up, I recommend. I've purely been using the exercises (as I hate videos) but its been a good syllabus IMO.
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