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Has anyone taken the 70-685 in the past month? any pointers or notes. I need 685 for my job




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    Hey man!! I took it about a month and a half ago. Sad to say I did not pass. Got a 614. Needed 700 points. The biggest thing for me that I noticed I needed to touch up on was how to navigate through the questions the fastest I could and come to the right answer(understanding the questions) and also for me I thought there was a considerable amount of group policy and general server stuff that I needed to touch up on. I have my own server set up with group policies applied to client pc's. So, I would make sure you can do those things well.
    Hope this helps!
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    Took the test yesterday got a 640. It seemed like i was choosing the right answer through experience but im guessing they were wrong. What did you study or look over before you took it?
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    After thinking about it and reviewing the questions asked/talking to others. There are two aspects to this exam you need to be wary of.

    -It's clearly written by people who don't know how to ask questions correctly. Half the battle is deciphering the question; where in a real world environment, you could drill down by using your investigative or communication skills, this doesn't allow for that. Quite simply, there is not enough clarification on how to answer question when they're given to you. I too believed I was on the right track to doing Okay.

    - As Brandonm2 said, you need to be familiarise yourself with the interface (continually) during the exam as the interface can have subtle changes (such as an extra tab or two) that you could easily miss. (It could also be designed better).
    In hindsight I believe I missed some key information because of this during the first time I took the exam.

    Whether it's Pearson VUE or MS who have designed the interface, its pretty terrible. You should be able to go in and not stress about getting lost in the UI of the exam, the questions do enough of that. Oh, and the wording of the questions as I mentioned before ;)
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    Any updates guys? Have you had a re-sit yet?
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    Take practise questions over and over again. When you get questions wrong, go back to the study guide and brush up your knowledge on that.
    The ones I used were from Measureup and can't fault them as I ended up passing.
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