Retaking CCENT/ICND1

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Hello forum people. I'm new to this site but excited about all the valuable info and people here.

Anyways, I took the ICND1 or CCENT exam about a week ago and failed it by half a question. icon_sad.gif Sucks but overall I was satisfied since it was the first test for any certification that I have taken. It was an important experience nonetheless and I now know what testing is like for this certification. However, I am aware that the test is subject to change every time so no test is the same which brings me to my question for everyone out there who has retaken a test or know how it works.

My question is, how different will the questions be? I know exactly what I need to study a bit more but I don't know if I should just focus on the subjects I did poorly on or recap all subjects. I want to take the exam in a week or so.


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    I have not retaken it so I can't provide real feedback. However for studying I would suggest focusing on your weak points.

    Since you say you were very close to passing I suggest mostly labbing. Take your weak points and see them work in a lab or simulator.

    Welcome to the forum and good luck!
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    I took the ccent 3 times, 2 times failing by 5 points which i believe is 1 question. The questions were different for each exam but the same objectives. Take your sheet and find the lowest section that you got % wise and go over it and so forth.
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    I took the ICND1 test today and passed. Several subnetting questions and using the various show commands. Good luck on you test.
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    I would say, recall that there is one answer, and then there is another answer, but in the end, there is the CISCO answer that counts. Here's an example: You have a couple of switches with hosts connected to them . The hosts are in different VLANs.. What is the best way to have the hosts to be able to communicate with each other? One way is to have the hosts in the same subnet. Another is to use a router for inter-vlan routing. What does Cisco recommend?

    And there's your answer
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    You are right. I did feel like some questions had ambiguous answers. I think that might have been my biggest struggle.
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    The same thing happened to me, I failed the CCeNT by 2 points. Took it again and got an 850..

    my study method for cisco is fail first time then past 2nd time.

    The test results was truely helpfull in preparing me to past the test.
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    I've had a couple retakes, but I am not sure if it is a pool they use, or come up with unique questions for each test. I wouldn't be surprised to run into repeat questions, but be prepared for all new ones.

    That said, you now have an idea of how they test, and the kind of questions they ask. Think back on the test, and recall the questions you had problems with, even if you are sure you got them right, and make sure you understand the subject matter. Don't ignore the areas you were strong on, since the questions will probably be different, but make sure to focus on improving the weak areas.

    If you were this close on the first attempt, you should be able to bridge the gap and pass it next time without too much difficulty. Good Luck!
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