Opinion on Listing Short Term FTE as Contract?

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My last day of FTE at my current place is Friday.. which means I'd only been here 2 months before getting out as it's not the job they brought me in to do and totally takes me away from Engineering and doing actual IT work. It's more like a Business Manager sitting over Desktop Engineering then it was the 50/50 Engineering | Manager role I was told it would be.

Anyway... I took a break after I was outsourced in Feb, and I got this job in July, so if I leave this off my resume, it creates a big gap, and I'm not afraid of having a gap as I can just say I took time off because I wanted to concentrate on family and education, however a recruiter mentioned that It would be best to put it on there anyway. If I put it on there I will have 3 straight FTE jobs that didn't last a year... 8 months 6 months and now 2...

Do I list it as a contract? (I know it's wrong but how wrong? They originally did want to do 3 month to hire, but I would have left anyway at this rate after 3 months. If i list the job as July-Oct it appears to be 4 months, which obviously an illusion.

My preference is just to leave it off. However any advice could help.. this is a weird situation.

BTW I think I will be doing consulting work and contracting work only from now until the foreseeable future.


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    As someone who's had a few short-term FTE positions with similar situations to yours I would definitely list it. My last few went 11 months, 5 months, 8 months.. Although it's not ideal, I have good reasons for each. First was a schedule change that didn't work with my education, the last two were companies that were having lots of internal issues and changes that just got too rocky for me.

    The positive.... Each new job has been a promotion and pay raise - so I think that also helps, not having a bunch of lateral moves. Either way, I think experience is better than a gap IMHO.
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