Junior Security Position Interview Thursday

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I need advice on an interview I have on Thursday. It's for a Junior Data Security Analyst position. I have a rough estimate of salary range for my area (Pittsburgh, PA) but the junior title and duties are kind of throwing me off. Any advice on a rough range? I have researched for past few days I just want other input if possible. Little background on me: One week ago, I obtained my Security+ certification. I have about a year and half of IT experience doing deskside support roles. Due to my somewhat limited experience, should I set my expectations lower if the salary question comes up? Thank you for all of your input and advice!


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    Here are the duties and experience they are looking for...

    Job Description
    The Junior Data Security Analyst creates and maintains user accounts and security access for both Mainframe and distributed systems. Candidate performs and maintains programming for security reporting and/or systems, participates in project life cycles, and analyzes and resolves problems relating to security and program change control. Candidate also performs turnover for mainframe source code and source code for distributed systems, as well as software distribution.


    • Monitors and documents security incidents.
    • Creates logon ids and passwords for all security platforms.
    • Creates and maintains security access for all security platforms.
    • Performs production turnover of programs for mainframe and distributed systems.
    • Distributes software releases and upgrades.
    • Reviews documentation for adherence to standards.
    • Attends project meetings when applicable.
    • Files security request forms and documentation.
    • Performs other duties as assigned

    Skills and Experience Required:
    • College degree required with a concentration in Information Technology; will also consider equivalent experience
    • Must possess a knowledge of Windows Active Directory
    • Knowledge of ACF2, Identity Manager, UNIX, Endevor, RBAC, and group policy is preferred
    • Knowledge of CICS, and TSO is preferred
    • This position requires the ability to recognize and enforce policies and procedures where necessary, an understanding for the need of internet and intranet security, and knowledge of security best practices
    • The ability to understand and implement cryptography and digital certificates is preferred
    • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision and the ability to problem solve analytically and logically is a must
    • The ability to maintain neutralities in dealing with users and data processing personnel is required
    • Candidate must be able to maintain the bank’s best interest in a problem or crisis situation

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    As someone from another bank with a similar amount of experience who holds a job with very similar responsibilities, I'd say you're looking at right around 55k (adjusted for CoL). Any less and you're probably being cut short, though the experience is invaluable. If it's within 10k from there, I'd say take it, as long as it's not a pay cut, and write it off as experience.

    I had far fewer certifications when I landed the job a year ago.
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