When to statically assign IP addresses?

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So I am taking my CCENT in 5 hours, and I'm just doing some last minute studying. I'm going back through my notes and I have written down when to statically assign IP addresses vs when to use a DHCP server. Is there any Cisco defined minimum number of hosts before needing a DHCP server? I think I was learning about central DHCP for remote offices and when to statically assign and when to use the Ip Helper command.

PS any last minute study tips are appreciated.


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    Stop studying and relax. Maybe take a walk or enjoy a light lunch!

    Seriously it's to late to stress now. I think you statically assign IP addresses to devices such as servers. I don't think cisco ever suggests static addresses for users. I could be wrong but it's not anything I recall being a big issue when I tested.

    Good Luck!
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    For users, I'm pretty sure they recommend assigning static IPs in small offices. No need to forward DHCP broadcasts to a remote office when they only have a couple of people there.
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    Static IP addresses like Jon said, normally for Servers and devices that will hardly have downtime, although most of the time you would normally opt for DHCP anyway can't think of many places that would use static IP (except maybe a test lab).

    Good luck!
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    I would use DHCP for clients even if you only one have one client. There is rarely a good reason to use static IP's on client computers. You should always use static IP's for servers however.
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    Agree with rsutton. If you have a small branch and don't want to forward requests just use a local router to hand out IPs.
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    Thanks for the help guys! Walked out with a 947 icon_cool.gif. Now on to ICND2
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