CCNA Voice general cert question

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I am just inquiring about the CCNA Voice certification and my question is in 2 parts.

1. From what I am reading on Cisco's website, the only requirement is that you have either a valid CCENT, CCNA, or CCIE etc. So for example, if I pass my CCENT certification I can jump right into my CCNA Voice studies?

2. Is this certification very sought after and is this worth pursuing? I spoke to a network administrator at my university and he recommended either obtaining the CCNA Voice or Wireless. Thanks Forum!


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    1...correct, you can jump direct from CCENT to CCNA:Voice, though most people would probably recommend completing CCNA:R&S first, as all tracks require a good R&S foundation

    2...that would really come down to what interests you, and what track is in demand in your area

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    1) Yes, if you have the CCENT cert then you are eligible to take the CCNA Voice exam. I took CCNA 1 and 2 the same semester as my CCNA Voice class and I didn't have too much trouble catching up. The major areas in which I found the two overlapped were navigating around IOS and VLANs.

    2) VoIP skills are very useful. A lot of job postings in my area specify the need. Like azaghul said, it depends on your interests and your location's demand. Some people hate Voice and others love it. If your only knowledge/experience with Voice is what a network admin told you at your university, then only time will tell if it's a right fit for you. Study it and see how you like it. Security and virtualization are also in great demand but I know plenty of people who have no interest in those specializations
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