Net+ compared to CCNA and MTA?

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Just trying to get a feel for how much time I should budget for this. Due to a program shift at WGU I have to take this exam. Already completed CCNA, MTA: Network Fundamentals, and Security+ within the last year, so I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and schedule this for the first week of class :D


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    I have my CCENT and I'm studying for the CCNA now. I'd say the Network+ is pretty easy if you've gotten those others done. I'd recommend taking a week to study it just to be safe, but it's pretty easy in comparison. I don't have a ton of networking experience and I took only a couple of weeks of study and passed it just fine (this was before my Cisco cert). The CompTIA review guide that comes with WGU is pretty good as it follows the objectives to a 'T'.
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    If you have your CCNA does that exempt you from having to take Network+?
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    Should be a walk in the park if you have CCNA, I found out on a Friday from my employer that they had spare vouchers that expired the following Monday, went for it with nothing to lose. Weekend of casually studying what I thought was important in the Professor Messer vids and I passed fairly easily. I do not have much experience in the network field and don't consider myself to be the smartest guy in the world, if that gives you an idea of how basic it is.

    Know all of the main ports and know basic wireless, you'll do fine.
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    dspielman wrote: »
    If you have your CCNA does that exempt you from having to take Network+?

    Two different companies. It only makes you exempt depending on your company or school that requires you to have one or both.
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