Best study material for Net+?

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Hey everyone!
I was looking into getting my Net+ certification, and I'm not sure which book I should pick up. I was thinking of using ExamCram, Messer, and a textbook as I only took one Net+ class like, two years ago. I most likely will wait for the new version of the test to come out, but I'm not sure when that is. In the meantime, are there any books out that correspond to the new version?



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    cram exam
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    Those are the exact two sources I used and I passed just fine.
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    The Mike Meyer's book other's have mentioned is great. Professor Messer is a good resource as well. I used MeasureUp for the practice tests. They tend to have good simulator practice questions.
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    I used Plural Sight videos with Ed Liberman for notes and then Labsim practice exams. I have the Mike Meyer All In One book as well, but didn't ever read it as I felt the plural sight videos covered all the objectives pretty well.

    Good luck!
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    Start with a copy of the objectives.

    Everything listed above (book-wise) I wholeheartedly support as great tools. That said, I personally would not worry about 'out-of-date" material as it is going to be far mostly stuff you are familiar with. The "new" content on the exams is hardly brand-new technology, but rather technologies that are newer and technologies are you are familiar. Point being, take the exam when you are ready.
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