Ip in the same subnet gets routed Why?

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In windows 2008 server R2, it is connecting to production network through the teamed network adapter.Ip of the teamed adapter is and its gateway is

And the server is getting backed up with the backup interface configured with in one of the nic in the server connected to the NAS Drive with the ip address .The backup was happening perfectly as the backup is a non-routed network.

Once the motherboard of the server is changed, suddenly the backup stopped worked failing in authentication to the NAS drive because in NAS Drive authentication is setup based on the ip addresses of the servers connected to the NAS Drive.
What I have found is that even though the server's backup ip address is not changed , still the NAS drive ip is reached via another network gateway even though the NAS DRive is connected in the same subnet.
Since the NAS DRive is reached by the server through the ip address of the gateway, the authentication fails with the NAS drive because it expects the ip address to be as
how to force the traffic to the ip to initiate through the nic ?

Any suggestions please

Below is the solution too:

Hi all

In spite of rebuild of the server from scratch by freshly installing the operating system , the backup vlan is not connected.So I decided to connect the cable coming from the switch port to the unused nic port of the server and it solved the issue by reconfiguring the ip address to the new nic port.

But needed one clarification here:

Before swapping the cable to spare nic the picture is below

Highlighted above is the nic connected to the backup vlan through which no communication happens.

So decided to swap the cable from lan1 (backup) which is a separate nic to the spare nic available in the server which is higlighted below


After configuring the backup ip address to the new spare nic also resulted in the traffic routed the production vlan which should not be the case.And moreover my observation from the above screeshot , why swapping the cable from the lan1(non-teamed adapter) is showing that lan4 (teamed adapter)as disconnected .

And moreover , currently the setup is working as below with the backup traffic happening through the backup vlan when it is configured in the below manner


Can anybody clarify my doubt why when removing the cable from the nic which is not in team resulting in teamed adapter cable as unplugged as in the above screenshot please ?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

NB: The reason behind I posted this windows topic here is the concept of routing and the network team cable unplug diagram above can be well explained by the network guys




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    how to force the traffic to the ip to initiate through the nic ?

    you do this using persistent routes, google this topic.

    I couldnt really follow the rest, but at least i could answer one question.
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