How much time needed to prepare for CCDA

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Hello all,

I'm closing in on my CCNA expiration, and I don't think I can retake the NA to renew it.

I do hear that the CCDA is not a walk in the park, but for those that have passed this test, can you recommend how much is needed to pass this test?

This is coming from a married man with kids. My NA expires in December. I know, I know.....

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

(i do have the CBT nuggets and the official guide)



  • kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    It isn't the hardest exam I've taken but you are right it was definitely no walk in the park.

    It is a lot more logical then technical is the thing and business oriented.

    I am married with kids and it depends on how many hours a day you can study. If your kids go to bed and you hit the books I'd say it can be done in a month. If you are a "kids went to bed 30 minute reader" then I'd recommend a different ccna study for renewal.
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