Ccnp simos 300-209

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Hi Guys,

So I currently have my CCNA, CCNP, and will have my CCNA Security by next Monday. I was really hoping to take the CCNP SIMOS 300-209 before the end of the year to prevent my CCNP from expiring, but it looks like there really isn't enough study material out for it yet.

I'm just curious if anybody has taken the test yet and if so what study material did you use and how difficult was the test?



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    You are right in that there's no book for it but CBT Nuggets does have a series for it.

    I am also working on this track, I did SISAS already after 2 tries (with no official exam material from Cisco) and am trying to do the same thing with SITCS before end of year. I am basically reading the hell out of documentation and scraping any information I can while following the exam objectives.

    I don't expect the books to be out soon (I know Amazon said January 2015 but I think they actually bumped this forward to March 2015 last time I saw on Amazon).

    Edit: Yep, sure enough, check out the books on Amazon the new release date is March 2015
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