this thing looks pretty neat plus it's from Kenya....

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    A $200 3G hotspot, I can hardly contain my excitement.
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    Was just reading about that. Very interesting.
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    Deathmage wrote: »

    it's not limited to 3G, it has a 3G SIM included by not the only SIM it can handle....

    it's conceptually interesting and does have purpose....

    I ordered one for the pure fun fact that I carry my ultra-book with me when I go camping plus my folding solar panel powers the laptop/phone in under 40 minutes to charge them both even with overcast, so to have a portable mobile 3G modem has even more benefits....

    I could be a colorado wilderness based hacker and no one could easily touch me, lol!!! icon_bounce.gif
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    I think you're missing the whole point of camping!
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    hardly... this is my tecno-style camping....

    love this 50 feet off the ground tent.....

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    Very interesting, I would love to have one. :)
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