Windows 10 Exams, Windows Server 2012R2?

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OK so with Windows 10 coming out soon and the pre-release already being used, they will obviously have Windows 10 exams coming Up.

My question is though will they update Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2014 or 2015? Does anyone know if this is being released.



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    It should be Windows Server 2015, a mid year release if gossip is to be believed.

    Just remember the books for Server 2012 did not arrive until after R2 had come out - nearly 2 years after the initial release!! So you will have to be on a Microsoft course to take the exams early when they arrive next year. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait that length of time again.

    My advice, if you are going to do exams now, do Server 2012 R2 - there is books, CBT Nuggets, Pluralsight, practice exams, the lot - all available today. And the MCSA/MCSE upgrade exams will likely be from Server 2012 to Server 2015.
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    I imagine they will call the next iteration of Windows Server either Windows Server 2016 or Windows Sever 10 to go with the naming convention. Just my thoughts.
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    Windows 10 announcement
    Windows 10 expected release date to see that it isn’t happening anytime soon. Currently, it’s slated for release around mid-2015.

    Also, the MCSE certifications are not based on a specific product version so if you get it now it is good for 3 years.
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    I agree, the study materials won't be here for quite some time. Keep studying the 2012 R2 stuff.
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    srabiee wrote: »
    I agree, the study materials won't be here for quite some time. Keep studying the 2012 R2 stuff.

    Next year at this time, this will likely still be the answer. Possibly this time the following year.
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    I'm fine with it being Server 2016 or later. I just did the 2012 upgrade and I'm not interested in having to turn around and do another one already. icon_twisted.gif
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