CVOICE v8.0 642-437 - LAB

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Hi All,

I am currently preparing for CCNA Voice and got the labs set up following CCNA voice lab by Brent Sieling.
I was checking for similar manuals for
CVOICE v8.0 642-437

Are there any lab manuals for the above exam or how are you guys setting your labs for CVoice v8.0?



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    No, no Lab Manuals for CVOICE. Most build off the CCIE labs topology, or build their own.
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    Ok thkx
    When you say build their own by following the official study guide
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    You use the knowledge learned from the Study Guide, but build your own lab from that knowledge.
    • Start with a single CUCME site in your local area code & build the dial plan
    • Add a CUCME router to act as a PSTN/WAN point-of-presence & build the dial plan (with answer points for emergency services, local, national, international)'ll learn a lot about digit manipulation & translation plans
    • Add another CUCME router as a branch office with its own area code & build the dial plan
    • Rework the PSTN/WAN point-of-presence to handle transit calls from the 2 connected routers
    You'll learn a lot, especially from your mistakes...debugs are your friends to see what digits are outgoing, and being matched incoming.

    Just remembered, if you can find it "Ip Telephony Using Callmanager Express - Lab Portfolio" was the old CUCME v4.x lab guide, but should be a reasonable alternative as a CVOICE Lab Manual.
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    Most of the things can be built using the topologies they talk about in the book. Your only gonna see those type of topologies in production. Asaghul hit in on the head about where to start at. CME is great starting place if you don't already have a job in VoIP.
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    Could you use CCIE Collab rack rentals for CCNP voice study?
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    Thanks guys.

    Oh yeah don't tell me about debugging and learning, I am already going through that for my CCNA voice following CCNA voice lab user guide - Brent S.

    Any ways, let me complete my CCNA Voice and then start to think about CCNP lab setup.

    I may bother you guys later on :D
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    Always happy to assist.
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    Thank you very much

    And is this the official cert guide for Cvoice

    [h=1]Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS (Cvoice) Foundation Learning Guide: (CCNP Voice CVoice 642-437), 4th Edition[/h]
    Because this edition was published in 2011
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    Thats the current CVOICE v8.0

    If you want a really good walk through of configuring CUCME (CVOICE just skims the surface), locate the original CCNA:Voice (IIUC) book & associated videos. Although this exam has past its use-by date, the content is still a great primer on CUCME.
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