70-417, EPIC Fail. Next move, retake or just move on.

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Took my 70-417 exam yesterday. EPIC Fail!!!. Let me go over a few things, first.

I do not work with servers, nor AD or GPOs, I am a Computer Assistant (GS-6) dealing mainly with Customer Support.

Why am I trying to get this Cert?? My agency is in the process of moving to AD and I hope that gaining knowledge and Cert in AD/Servers will get a major pay increase.

I am certified up to Windows 8 (MCSA). I have done all my training and studying in Hyper V and use a lot of VMs.

I took my stab at MCSA Server 2008 early in the year, but failed all exams.

So after this fail, I am looking to either test again, (have second shot), but I am also looking to take 70-415/416. I took the challenge to take all three exams (I purchased the MSCE Desktop Infastructure package for $300) (5 actually), before the end of the year.

So retake 70-417 or move to 70-415/416?? I can retake any of this exams a second time.

My Take on EXAM:

Time Limit: 120 Mins.
Number of Questions: 73

1st Section, 20 questions, about 30 mins to take.
2nd Section, 23 questions, about 30 mins to take.
3rd Section, 30 questions, about 60 mins to take.


410: 500
411: 473
412: 244

Even thou, I had already failed due to the 1st 2 sections, I saw a lot of questions on AD FS in the 3rd Section.

By time, I got half way thru section 3, I was wanted to quit.


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    I vote that you stick with it. You now have inside knowledge on the scope and depth of knowledge needed to pass this HUGE exam. Do some more labs on the topics you were weakest on and not comfortable/confident with answering. I also found TechNet articles were a nice supplement to the CBT Nuggets videos and books while I was doing the 2003/2008 exams - probably still true for 2012.
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    When I passed the 70-417, it brought my success rate with MS exams up to 50%. They're no joke. It seems kind of silly to move on to something else and then come back to it later when you've probably forgotten a good percentage of it.
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    Microsoft has a habit of cramming these exams with tons of questions on AD FS, AD RMS, DirectAccess, BranchCache, and a lot of other stuff that I've never seen any organization use. Ever. And they want you to know the most minute details at that.

    The only advice that I can give you is to grab the Sybex "Mastering Server 2012 R2" book by Mark Menasi and lab EVERYTHING. You may also need to get some real world experience under your belt with Server 2012 R2 before you are going to be able to pass this exam.

    Good luck!
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