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I'm been meaning to get back to this subject for a few years and it has to happen and soon. I've got a number of certs per the State Dept of Education that convert into approx 15 credit hours or there about. Most AS or AAS degrees (I'm going the AS route) I've looked at here in this state are about 65 credit hours for a 2 year degree. Before I enroll in a local State College and cash in my certificates for credits I was wondering what others have done in my position. Is there a better route to go e.g online? I believe with experience, certifications and at least a 2 year degree this will help my career to the next level and keep me employable. My eventual plan is to acquire a 4 year degree in IT to better help leverage my career and skill set.

Thoughts, comments and suggestions are most welcome.


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    A degree is a great thing to have. Stick to it and get those degree's as you are able to do. Now, whether to go online or a more traditional classroom setting is a different creature as well. Online gets bonuses because there is no set time that you have to be in a classroom, you just have to meet certain criteria to participate. Now, because of this requirement, it does mean that you actually have to participate in discussions, which is a good thing as you will be more involved compared to being in a classroom with others and it's easy to just sit back and be quiet and not really be a part of the discussions. Online tends to be a bit harder than the classroom setting as well (Not always true, but in my experience it was). The classroom setting may also get you more hands on with equipment, while online may use simulations/videos to explain how things work. The hands on is truly great to have and something that you may lack and miss in the online format. Also, online, you have to be focused and actually work on not procrastinating thinking that you can wait until Sunday to wrap up all your work in a weekend before it's due. It's far too easy to put things off because of various reasons. If you are already working in IT, online may be a very attractive way just because you are already building your experience and have most of the hands on that you will need for your degree and you can truly fit it to your schedule and not have to work around class times and work. Now, there is a possibility that the school you choose can offer you a mix of online and traditional classroom courses, which would be great for those classes you want to be there for the hands on and "real work" that you may get with equipment.

    But no matter the direction you go, definitely get that BS later on.
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    Most schools have online programs. Look into your local state school and see what it offers. Look for Distance Learning programs or the older term which is Extension programs.

    I would suggest looking to see if the school offers certificates and if possible get that along the way to your AS which you are getting along the way to your Bachelors. That way if something happens you have the Certificate or the AS.

    If you want a Bachelors but plan to get an AS first, do your homework. Find a Bachelors program you like and make sure that the AS courses line up and that when possible you are taking courses that line up with both.

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    If you're motivated and can work at your own pace quickly, I'd recommend just jumping into WGU. You've got certs so you should get admitted just fine. A bachelor's will be much more beneficial in the long run than an associates.
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    I went to my local community college in Glen Ellyn and did the Computer and Internetworking Technologies AAS degree. I went to school evenings and occasionally did a Saturday class (which was an 8 hour long class with a lunch break).

    I am very glad I did it. it was hard as I worked 9 - 5 then class 6 - 11pm but the satisfaction when I was done was unbelieveable. I dont have a bachelors but even the associates has given me a leg up.

    Online side I can't comment on. If you can crank through really well you can probably do WGU BS in the same amount of time but here is the thing. Being in a structured physical environment with hands on with other people to be around versus self study is a big difference.
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    TomkoTechTomkoTech Member Posts: 438
    Personally I prefer the WGU online route. I had 98 credits from a traditional brick and mortar and only 34 transferred to WGU. I will still finish my bachelors sooner than had I stuck it out. I will have certs applicable to what I want to do. And I don't have to deal with sitting in a classroom while professors drone on while reading off of over head projections the exact same material I can read by myself in a book.
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