Telecom Revenue Assurance -Eligible for CISA certification?

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I need your help.I am a telecom Revenue Assurance professional with 15 years of experience.I perform control checks on products and services and also billing systems etc.I review products and assess risk.

My question is that whether this experience is sufficient in me getting CISA certification(ofcourse if I clear exams and meet other criteria)

If this work experience wont be counted by CISA,I do not want to regsiter.

I wrote to them and did not get a clear reply.

Thanks is advance.


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    Can you be more specific on what you do, and what their specific response was?
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    My primary task is to put in place scripts, control checks etc to identify and plug revenue leakage.For eg: A customer is supposed be charged $ 50,instead he got charged $ 40 due to an issue in the tariff configuration in the billing system.This needs to be identified and corrected.I conduct checks,analyses,set alerts,verify tariffs,test products,monitor Fraud alarms
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    Job Practice Areas

    These are the job practice areas... go through the list and mark which ones you feel your specific experience meets. That should help you determine whether or not you meet the requirements.
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