GISP Exam Prep for CISSP

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I am nearing my exam date for my second attempt. I thought the GIAC GISP was a great exam sim. Has I paid a little more attention to my weak areas I may have been successful the first time around. My question is if I purchased the GISP exam sim again will the questions be the same. It not like I even remember any of the questions because I took the GISP 5 months ago. Just curious.



  • GeneCGeneC Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
    My other option could be to take the eric conrad full exam but the do not give a break down of weak domains. I think I may go GISP prac exam again.

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    To be honest, i think it would be wasteful to take another exam such as GISP just to get some clarity whether you are ready for the actual exam or not. Honestly, if you get the concepts down, you are good to take the exam. Take as much time as you want and give different types of exams. I took several from many authors. It is a way to train your mind and understand the reasoning and logic in addition to learning the method of eliminating the wrong answers.
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