Multifield classifier config query

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Our managed services network is migrating from Redback SE800 core routers to Juniper MX480 router.

I am not able to replicate the below mentioned Redback config to Juniper confi. Please help.

1) The policy access-list is defined inside the customer context as mentioned below.

context tlnt vpn-rd
policy access-list telent-profile
seq 10 permit ip any any dscp eq ef class VOICE
seq 20 permit ip any any dscp eq af31 class PDH
seq 30 permit ip any any class BEST_EFFORT
2) The policy access-list is then called under the qos metering policy configuration (global)
qos policy TNLT_16MB_OUT metering
rate 16000 time-burst 1700 counters
access-group telent-profile tlnt
class VOICE
rate 654 burst 138976 counters
conform mark priority 2
class PDH
rate 3200 burst 680000 counters
conform mark priority 4 drop-precedence 4
rate percentage 100 counters
conform mark priority 7 drop-precedence 7
exceed mark priority 7 drop-precedence 7
violate mark priority 7 drop-precedence 7
3) The qos metering policies are applied to the pvcs under the physical interface configuration.
port ethernet 9/4
description to aggregation switch
no shutdown
encapsulation dot1q
dot1q pvc 119
description Telent Warwick via NEOS
bind interface warwick tlnt
qos policy metering TNLT_16MB_OUT
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