Strata IT --> A+?--> Net +--> Sec + --> CCNA

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Hi guys,

I'm currently studying for A+ but I saw the Strata IT cert was like entry level and a good stepping stone into the A+ cert. I have experience building computers already for a few years and just finished building my new one recently :). The only weak area I have really is networking and printers when it comes to the exam objectives. Do you think its good idea to get the Strata IT fundamentals certificate first since its $100 for the voucher and doesn't expire then get the A+ afterwards? Or just go straight to A+ and forget the Strata IT idea. My goals are to work as computer repair/ help desk support and gradually work my way up in an IT company. Maybe also work at geek squad in best buy or tiger direct while trying to study on the sides.

Thank You!


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    You have a pretty good path set however I would just skip Strata. I personally haven't taken it, but from what I've heard it's very entry-level. If you're eager to learn and have taken apart some computers before---A+ shouldn't throw you any curve balls.

    Don't worry about the networking covered in A+, it's minimal at best and if you do decide to move to Network+ you will cover more depth there. Printers are covered quite well in A+, so as long as you study them you'll be fine. However, don't get to caught up in them because unless you're a printer tech you will only do basic maintenance and configuration to them most of the time.

    Best of luck!
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    Skip it and just get the A+
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    I would recommend A+ -> Sec+ -> CCNA. Strata doesn't really offer anything and almost no one asks for it. Skip the Network+ if you plan to get the CCNA. All of the material in the Network+ is covered in the CCNA and that cert will become useless once you have your CCNA.
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    Thanks for all the great recommendations everyone :)
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    Def skip Strata. But if you plan on skipping the Net+, you might want to still buy a Net+ book (even a used out-dated copy for cheaper) and give it a quick scan thru before jumping into the CCENT/CCNA. Not necessary, but might be beneficial.

    Good luck!
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