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I just passed CEH with 92%. As much as I dislike CEH and EC Council I had to take this for the WGU MSISA. Studied (more like REVIEWED) on and off for 2 weeks. Having been through CISSP and GCIH made this real easy but that mean ti gained no new knowledge.

- Matt Walker 2nd edition AIO book
- CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exams book also by Walker
- some of the iLabs
- Boson practice exams

One of the questions I had was repeated verbatim 3 times. I've never seen this before in 15+ certification exams I've taken. Same concept asked differently yes, never the exact same question. Another thing that struck me as odd is that some questions had only one valid answer that anyone with no experience could've gotten correct. An example would be:

"Which part of the car is responsible for producing music"
A) Wings and ailerons
B) Periscope
C) Speakers and radio
D) Sail

Also saw some questions that answered themselves, like:

"What kind of shotgun do you use to hunt birds?"
A) shotgun
B) revolver
C) pistol
D) rifle

I can't recall any grammatical errors as others have mentioned. But I gotta be honest, I didn't read the whole thing as I was able to discern the answers quickly.

Must know your tools. Understand NMAP, Nessus, hping, Metasploit. Know the TCP/IP stack. Understand how things react to the different tools. Know what happens on each phase of the hacking ethical hacking process.

Conclusion: this exam is WAY overpriced. It's absurd that it costs the same as the CISSP which has proven to have big ROI. Due to the tools covered it is definitely a step above Security+, but just a tiny step. Someone here called it "Hacking+" and that is definitely appropriate. I think it provides a good overview of the ethical hacking process and is more than enough to give those who like to pursue a career in practical security a glimpse of what's involved. If you've done other higher level stuff then there will be next to zero value for you.


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    Congrats!!! I'm scheduled for next Friday, also as part of the MSISA.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    I'm so sorry to hear that icon_biggrin.gif. Should be a walk in the park for you.
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    Yeah let us know how it goes... and cyberguy congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats cyberguypr! Although I'm sure it was terribly easy for you.

    Prior to really knowing what it was about I was interested in it. After getting S+ and reading a C|EH book, I decided to not waste my time (as it would have been for fun).
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    My recommendation is that you replace your avatar with a CEH logo.
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    So would you say that this is one of those that fall into the category of learn the material but skip the test? I see more and more Job postings listing CEH so I'm not sure, but I have a feeling I may skip this one.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    Not sure about your market but here in the Midwest every time I see CEH listed it's there along with ISC2, GIAC, or ISACA certs. Dollar by dollar you'll get more out of those.

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    emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Definitely don't think this one ranks highest but it is my most controversial cert . Around the office many folks are like OMG you're a CERTIFIED HACKER? Can you spy on my spouse? (no lie on that last part). Then I get the task of explaining ethics.

    But for me the value 100% is in the iClass videos. The cert is just there to show that I stayed awake. Those are top ranking CBT IMO.
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    icon_sad.gif I take mine this coming Wednesday.
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    tprice5tprice5 Member Posts: 770
    Awesome, man! You are really powering through this program. You might actually be out in 1 term. Once my wife and daughter move back stateside it will free up all my free time to work on catching up with you.
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    Mods: $50 to whoever bans itsgonnahappen icon_smile.gif

    LMAO - Your hate runs deep. Congrats on your pass!
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    Diggs3dDiggs3d Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I appreciate everyone's of the post and comments they helped me focus on the areas that required more attention...... I passed CEH v8 exam today and looking forward to continue onto others after a little break....lol.

    To prepare for the exam I used:
    CEH All In One Exam Guide 2nd Edition v8 by Matt Walker
    EC-Council Official Curriculum
    CBT Nugget CEH video Training
    Global Knowledge - CEH v8 - 5-day Course with Labs

    Good Luck !!!!
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