Starting UMUC for IA in January, what to do in the mean time?

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I'm starting the Information Assurance graduate certificate program at UMUC in Janury 2015. I have close to 10 years of IT Support expereience (Windows end-user/Desktop Support type roles) and will be attempting to move in to Information Assurance / Cyber Security over the next couple of years. I currently have Security+ and this expires April 2015, so re-taking the test for this is on the to-do list, but what else can I do to prepare for trying to get into IA/CS. Plan is to remain in DoD, so CASP or SSCP is something I'm considering. I'd kind of like to get a "head start" on IA knowledge before starting the program, any recommendations for self-teaching material?
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    It's very wordy and kind of expensive, but the Shon Harris AIO is a great resource for a tremendous range of security topics from governance and risk management to physical security to telecom. I would recommend taking a look at it, or the Conrad 2nd edition (not the 11th hour book - it's too condensed), even if you are not planning to tackle the CISSP anytime soon.
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    Good Evening,

    Thank you for allowing me to post on this blog. I'm actually taking CSEC 610 at UMUC starting in February, and I have all of the textbooks, but the syllabus naturally won't be posted until early February. Has anyone taken this course, and if so is there a good starting point for me to get ahead in the readings. If anyone can help, please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    While the syllabus won't be available through LEO until you start the class, all syllabi are posted in the course catalog for the entire semester. You can find your class here:

    Schedule of Classes

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