Cert Training Online with Hands on RemoteAccess Labs for practical experience?

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I've been asking around the forums...

Has anyone had any experience or know of reputable sites where you can do "online certification training" (MCSE 2012, CCNA, etc) at my own pace.

The site could provide the training materials for study i.e books/ebooks/videos (or I can get my own CBTs/books etc) but a definite requirement to avoid having to buid rigs and get all the equipment I would need an online test lab/rack depending on what certification I'm aiming for. And renting it from the site would allow me to put what I learn to use and play with practical side of things.

Once I signup I'd pay either monthly fee to use their training material/video's and their test labs/servers/switches/routers for the hands on practical.

Anyone know of good sites like this? I've heard of some but not sure what which ones are reputable and have up to date lab equipment/materials.

What do you recommend?

Cheers for the help!


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    CBTNuggets.com and PluralSight.com are great for training videos and practice tests. They have a few simulators but you will be better off investing in a home lab if you are serious about being an IT professional. There are plenty of threads on here that can help you select some cheap hardware off of ebay for a lab.
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