Does a CISA cover the majority of a Network+ certification?

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Does the CISA certification cover what is included in a Network+ certification? Thanks!
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    I am familiar with the study material of both exams and in my opinion the CISA does not cover the majority of Network+ since the exams on focused on separate topics.
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    The CISA covers information systems auditing; the Network+ covers basic IP network design and operation. Instead of the CISA, maybe you are thinking of the CCNA or CEH cert?
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    I would like to learn more about networking. Network+ seems like a good broad test of knowledge. Is there a non-vendor specific test is more challenging/sought after by employers?


    From the ISACA CISA website, the networking topics covered by the CISA exam:

    CISA Domain 4—Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support (23%):
    -4.4 Knowledge of the technology concepts related to hardware and network
    components, system software and database management systems
    -4.10 Knowledge of systems performance monitoring processes, tools and techniques
    (e.g., network analyzers, system utilization reports, load balancing)
    CISA Domain 5—Protection of Information Assets (30%)
    -5.6 Knowledge of the configuration, implementation, operation and maintenance of
    network security controls
    -5.7 Knowledge of network and Internet security
    devices, protocols, and techniques

    Job Practice Areas
    Plans for 2014-2015: CISA [2014]
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    CISA is auditing...
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    From your statement 'I would like to learn more about networking,' Net+ is the best cert for you to consider, followed by CCENT/CCNA (depending how far into Cisco you want to go.) Both are relevant and chock full of networking fundamentals, the CCENT/CCNA also has Cisco-specific IOS commands and focuses on their technology platforms. Both are good.

    The CISA will unequivocally not provide you with fundamental knowledge of internetworking.
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    Got it. Thanks for the replies.
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