Cissp passed - Endorsement question

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Hello guys,

First of all I want to thank all of you for sharing your exam experiences. These very helpfull in preparing for my CISSP exam which I passed several days ago. The resources that I used are:
- Eric conrad 2nd edition
- Shon Harris
- cccure - very helpfull for testing brain capacity on handling 250q, it is the most brain squeezing test
- transcender

Now, my biggest concern is endorsement. I was working with MoD in my country for 6 years until 2013 and they refused to release a paper evidence that I gained experienced in more than 2 domains ( this is mainly because my work was classified - encrypted communication). But, there are persons with whom I worked in MoD and now they are working in the private world as I do. They can testify that I have the requiered experience. Is their testimony enough for the endorsement procedure ? Or should I hire a lawyer and go to court and force MoD to release the requiered evidence ?

Thank you!


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    Sue them? No need.

    Fret about the verification later. If you have the experience, mark it on your resume and send it in. There is only a thin chance ISC2 will audit your endorsement UNLESS you request them to complete the endorsement process in lieu of another CISSP.
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    Thank you for your answer emerald. But what if I will be randomly selected for audit ? I want to be prepared for this
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    It is up to your endorser to investigate your claim of professional work experience and document his findings for the (ISC)2. The (ISC)2 auditing you means the (ISC)2 itself will check your claims of professional work experience. Assuming your information is accurate and verifiable, there is nothing to prepare for, but the audit will add several weeks to the time it takes to process your endorsement.
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