Getting Multiple certs before enrolling in WGU?

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Hi im looking to enroll in BS of IT at WGU some point in the future I already talked with an adviser (lol their scripted customer service but thats another topic to rant about). Anyways, I was told I need to have an associate/ previous professional IT experience / or at least 1 industry certificate. So I told them im working towards the A+ and they said that is enough to pass the pre reqs.

My question is I want to get multiple certs and I know you graduate WGU with a bachelors in IT but also 15 certificates as well which is awesome. I was wondering if its cheaper or better for me to get the certs I want first and then enroll in WGU to help waive some courses or if I should just get the A+ then start right away with WGU.

I plan on using finacial aid since what I qualify for will cover majority of expenses thank you.


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    The most efficient plan I have managed to come up with is to get your one cert... then study for the others while waiting for your term to start. Let WGU foot the bill for the certs and while you study ahead you get an upperhand and can knock out the certs quickly. I plan on doing that. Someone may have another way, though! Always glad to hear recommendations! icon_lol.gif
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    selenityhyperion is correct, it is best to get one cert and let WGU foot the bill for the rest. Some would argue that you could save more money by getting all of the certs first. The problem with that approach, in my opinion, is that you will pay for all of the necessary study materials, which can be quite significant, whereas WGU provides them as part of the tuition. As for which cert to get in order to satisfy the admissions requirement, I'd strongly recommend getting the least expensive one possible (such as a CIW cert ($150 or so per test) or possibly an MTA from MS). You will spend over $300 to get your A+, which means the return on investment for entry to WGU is diminished compared to an MTA or CIW cert. Having said that, though, if getting the A+ also opens up opportunities for better paying jobs now, then by all means get it as that changes the ROI significantly.

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    Thanks for the replies and very good points @ stryder144 about getting a cheaper cert to satisfy the pre-reqs :). I might look into that first like the CIW or MTA.

    Edit - so pretty much getting this would be a good start to pass the pre reqs required for WGU then just study with WGU from there and get my A+ from them etc.

    I was also looking at some study guides for the exam 98-349 is this a good study guide to use?

    Thanks in advance $115 seems much better than $388 for the A+ =)
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    Are you going for a IT degree with emphasis in anything?
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    I like building and repairing computers already so probably hardware and software area first. But from WGU just the general BS in IT. Maybe someday in the future networking but im too newbie in that area right now to think id be good at it.
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    I actually did the math and came to the conclusion that enrolling and having Wgu pay was better..saves money and time

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