Best IT Certifications for someone who only does Desktop Support or Field Tech work?

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What are the best IT Certifications for this area of IT?
I wanna work for a government agency doing this kind of work.icon_study.gif


  • GorbyGorby Posts: 141Member
    I think the MCSA Windows 7 certification would be the good depending on your experience. If you haven't already I would look at the Comptia books for A+, Net+ and Sec+ for a foundation.
  • VeritiesVerities Posts: 1,162Member
    Assuming you're in the US, you're going to need a security related certification to work for the government (see link below). You may also have to get an operating system cert as well (its up to the discretion of the department/branch within the DoD to enforce this) and the one Gorby said would be perfect.
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    Well, if you want a government job, many require the A+ certification and possibly N+ and Security+. So those would be good baselines to shoot for. As far as what would help you most in that type of role I would definitely shoot for the MCSA: Windows 7 certification as it would be the most beneficial and look better on your resume compared to the entry level Comptia certs. Now, if you want to pursue this line even further, go for the MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure certification. I'm debating on doing that right now, but first I'd have to finish 70-417 to update to the MCSA: 2012 certification and that won't be an easy cert for me to get as my server experience is fairly limited due to the roles I have had in Desktop Administration. For me with a young child, finding the free time to study and try to have a life and spend time with my kid it's a hard trade off for me and has put me in a holding pattern for the past year.
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