Carrer from Support/Implementation field to Info Sec with CISSP certification

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Hi, This is harry, as of now I am working as support engineer & Implementation(5 yr experience) for the company for there contact center solutions (developed by same company) and it believe there is no any scope of this support in future, so I have decided to have carreer in Information and security. I have knowledge of InfoSec as we usually do projects of BFSI and many more customer and thus have experience in some of 10 CBK domain. Thus, my query is how difficult is to get InfoSec Job if you are from Support/implementation background. I am doing CISSP for this will CISSP certification will have value in market. also what is the best way to start career in InfoSec from Support/implementation field if you have already 5 years of experience. Plz plz plz suggest me ..! regards, harry


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