Outbound Dial Peer matching

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Hi All,

How does a Call manager match digits on Outbound Dialpeer?

Say for example I am dialling from a SCCP phone and

Inbound dial peer - incoming called-number set to match the DNIS (NO direct-inward-dial)

Outbound dial-peer - destination-pattern set to match the dialled number

Will the call manager still match the outbound dial peer, digit-by-digit?

Reason, the call manager should already have all the digits of the called party as it had to match the inbound dial peer based on called number and should perform the outbound dial peer match based on all the digits?



  • PCHoldmannPCHoldmann Member Posts: 450
    Assuming you are referring to a SIP/h323 gateway that is getting a call routed to it from UCM, the gateway will match enbloc, not waiting for any additional digits.

    It will still do a best match.

    Therefore you could have a 9T dialpeer and not run into interdigit timeout on the gateway, unless it is in SRST.
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