Getting ready to schedule 70-411, couple of questions...

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Hi folks! Just so everyone doesn't hit me over the head for the massive delay between tests...I'd like to say I took and passed 70-410 last July, but due to the wonderful politics of my previous employer I was dissuaded from continuing to 7-411 immediately. Fast forward 17 months later and I am at a new employer and need to pass the 70-411 exam to satisfy Microsoft's ever changing Partner requirements... I've been doing online videos and reading a lot of technet the past 4 weeks, and really hitting the labbing hard the past 2.

I've tried and labbed all the NPS and Remote/Direct Access I could...but I'm having trouble finding any resources around NAP specifically. Is this such a small piece of the test that I should just move on, or does anyone have a good resource/guide to lab NAP?

Anything earth shattering or new to be aware of with Group Policy and DNS records, or is the tried and true stuff we've been tested on for years? I'm hoping to do a quick study on the pieces I don't use frequently and then move on from these topics.

Thanks in advance guys, this is always my first stop when it comes to testing and certifications.


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    I did the 417 upgrade so do not have direct experience with this exam but here goes. For NAP you will want to know the different types of protection IPSEC, DHCP, 802 and VPN. They all have different situations they are used and different requirements. Sadly MS has killed NAP off in vNext and you will have to learn a technology you might never use. For DNS you will need to know stuff like DNS Sec, Global names and such. They like to exam on new features and that you know it is a new feature.
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