Passed GCED today.

ByronicbluezByronicbluez Member Posts: 17 ■■■□□□□□□□
Took the GCED after studying for it this weekend. Passed, but once again my score could have been a lot higher. I was really drained after the first hour and a half.

In terms of the class, I don't think 501 is really worth taking. I have taken 401,501,504, and 508. 504 goes into incident handling a lot more in depth. The first part of the class I think you are better off with a CCNA-Security class. The incident response portion 504 did a lot better job covering it.

The malware portion doesn't really seem worth it. They talk about basic tools to detect malware. It seemed more like what you would do to detect malware on your home computer than an enterprise solution. I think 508 did a better job presenting malware than 501.

Next up on my list is to take my 508 GCFA exam at the end of this month. I think it will be the hardest Sans test I take yet. If i pass my 508, my work will put me into the reverse malware class. I have 503 on demand waiting for me next month. Looking forward to it. The rest of 2014 is going to suck for me studywise.

If you have any questions on GSEC, GCED, or GCIH I can help where I can.


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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    Congrats on the pass! I'm preparing my index for this cert right now and completely agree with your assessment. If this class is not your first 500 series class, it's definitely not worth it. If you plan on taking SEC 504, then don't waste time with this as it is way too basic and you will see the same material expanded on 504.
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    tumblejermtumblejerm Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have taken the GCED course in San Diego in May 2016. And I have been struggling to prepare for this test. I have created an Index of all 6 books and took my first practice exam and got a 49% icon_sad.gif. I thought my index failed me and had a hard time finding the tools and attack types from within my Index and really don't know how to improve it as I spent over 8 hours creating the index.

    Is there any way I could borrow your index and I could e-mail you mine as well to see if i'm doing it right etc. This has been giving me anxiety for months now and I'm not sure what else to do.
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