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Hi there,

I have my MCSA, MCSE, A+, Net+, Sec+ and CCNA, work wants me to have CISSP self-study (nice, huh), been a hands on kind of guy for 30 years, CISSP seems a pre-management cert.

I purchased Shon Harris Sixth Edition, Ronald Krutz CISSP and CAP Platinum Edition and purchased ***************** 500 questions,

All seem to cover what is needed to know material and pass test, anyone have any other sources they have used?




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    Welcome aboard. See those asterisks? It seems you have purchased an unethical product (BTW, they don't work for CISSP). You have other certs so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you did this unknowingly and want to learn a thing or two feel free to stick around. If you bought those knowingly, then there are bigger issues and you may not find support in this community.
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    After searching around, I see the Shon Harris and Ronald Krutz are legitimate, reading (trying to) read 2 chapters a night, Harris one night, then Krutz another night, answering the questions, I prefer to learn the material. I purchased the other questions as a way to see how the question might be structured, but, I am finding out there are other sources as to how the test will go.

    I find the Security + a great intro to some of the CISSP chapters in the books,

    Do you have any other suggestions for study?


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    Take some time to read through the other posts in this forum. there is a lot of info there.

    Conrad Study Guide 2nd ed, Conrad 11th hour 2nd ed, Sunflower PDF.

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    Use Transcender/McGraw Hill for quiz practice. they are very good resources
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    All I used was Son Harris. Just know the info, Harris covers more than enough to pass.
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    Shon Harris will go way more in depth than you will actually need, but it's good information to have and all the detail will help cement the fundamentals. Eric Conrad's 2nd edition is less verbose but still covers everything you might need. I alternated between those two books and practiced taking questions with the Shon Harris question book and CCCure (note: those questions are not like the real test, but it helps to practice taking 250 questions at a time).
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    Also consider the actual CISSP study guide from the (ISC)2. Kurtz, Conrad, Harris, et al. are not directly affiliated with the (ISC)2, although you might find their information easier to digest.
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    Hi all,

    Just joined forum today. I am planning to start studying for CISSP as well. First thing is to get the right courseware, I was browsing amazon and found
    1-CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide [With CDROM]Hardcover October 18, 2012

    2-CISSP Practice Exams, Second Edition Paperback – October 30, 2012

    3-Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Third Edition ((ISC)2 Press) Hardcover – December 21, 2012

    My question is are these books current or is there an update version I should be looking at. I went to CBT nuggets site they had two courses for CISSP one of which was retiring on 24 Feb 2014 . So I am not sure what is the status of the courseware.

    So thought to ask you guys.Thanks in advance.

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    Personally i recommend you to buy Official Study Guide.
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