Best certs to pursue after A+ and Net+ ?

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I'm trying to break into the IT field, with almost no tech related experience. I just got my A+ and Net+ as my foot in the door certs, and will try to use those for my first job.

I might be jumping the gun a bit, seeking another cert when I've never even got my first job in the field, but I'd like to at least have a goal and direction for my next one, so I can start studying a little bit each day. I figure it doesn't hurt to study something new.

I've studied for the Security+ exam already, but don't want to do it just yet, I think I'll keep that one in the back pocket for about 2.75 years from now so I can use it to renew currency on the comptia ones I have. So I'm thinking maybe ccent (since alot of networking stuff is fresh in my mind), Maybe one of the microsoft certs, but there are so many different ones MCSA, MCSM, MCSE, MTA, and many more, but I theres so many its overwhelming, I have no idea which are more valuable, or easy enough for a newbie like me to get. Maybe there are others I should focus on instead?

Any advice which may be the best options to pursue?

As far as what I want to do in the field, I have no idea yet, all I know is I don't want to work in a PC repair shop, or geek squad type position. And I don't want to just be a help desk guy taking phone calls all day.


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    What type of jobs are applying to? NOC, then CCENT. Desktop support, then MCSA 7 or 8. Server admin / sys admin, then MCSA 2008 or 2012. Since you completed the A+ and Network+, then you can probably skip the MTAs and go to the MCSA level exams.

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    TomkoTechTomkoTech Member Posts: 438
    The problem is it is very difficult to get your foot in the door of IT without experience in anything other than a helpdesk type position taking phone calls all day. Not knowing what you want to do also isn't gonna benefit you. There is a vast array of disciplines to focus on in IT. Virtualization? Storage? BDR? Networking? Security? You need at least a general idea of which way you want to go to know which certifications to work on.

    But with no formal education in IT, and an A+ and Network+ an entry level helpdesk is about the best you are going to find without having an "in" somewhere. Hell most helpdesk positions these days want more than those certs. I get emails daily from the job site boards and a lot of those so called "entry" level help desk jobs are wanting SQL and AD experience.

    If you think networking is what you'd like to get into then definitely going for the CCENT/CCNA, if you want to go the systems admin route I would definitely suggest the MCSA Windows 7.
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    Well dude, I dont know how to help you if you dont know what you want to do.

    I think you need to take a few steps back. Look at IT as a whole and picture yourself in different roles. Look at all the different technologies and see what sparks an interest in you. Security, Cloud, Networks, Repair, Sales, Management, Data, Programming etc... Also, figure out what you want from the job like; money, leadership, freedom, purpose etc...

    You can also try taking a look at current IT blogs and news. See what topics you tend to open and read.
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