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Something kindof strange on LinkedIn today. I got a message from a "resume writer" that reads:

I am with the Global Resumes Alliance(USA). We suggest candidates to employers and talent acquisition agencies. I saw your profile and would like to establish contact with you for the purpose of future opportunities.

As i am new in the group, i would like a offer a free CV Appraisal that will be useful to you. Basically, we will appraise your CV based on your profile and how it may help or hinder your job applications.

To take things forward, just send your resume to us at xxxxxx

Of course, I'm not sending anything to some random email address. A quick google of the company didn't reveal much so I clicked on her name. Profile is pretty generic but the same woman's face is in 'People you may know' section for another, totally different name. I did a google image search on this image and found several more names matching the same picture.

It seems fishy at best - not sure if anyone else has experience with this.
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